Mon panier



A brand new online art gallery founded by Victoria Clément which displays the works of art of a selection of the finest artists new gen’.

You will regularly discover new artists, experience art in a different way, and get to know and understand the artists themselves… and maybe more?

The best part of it is that you don’t need to dress up and buy art in the withe cube galleries; you can now purchase art in your pyjamas on your sofa.

Victoria’s aim is to make art fun again.


Victoria is a young art passionate who loves to discover all the secrets behind any work of art.

Thanks to her cultural legacy and throughout her numerous voyages, art has always been her guide, often leading her off the beaten track.

After a few experiences in prestigious art galleries and auction houses she now wants to share with you thanks to tarivoci, her taste for the good things in art.

To her, works of art are about telling stories, which each give a different point of view of the reality of life.

Today she steps into entrepreneurship in order to make art accessible to all. Through tarivoci she wants to create a connection between yourself and her « art en barre ».

What’s  « ART EN BARRE » ?

The expression” or en barre” is  French for “ a bar of gold”, meaning something with great value, extremely precious. Replace “or” by “galerie d’art” and you get the idea: tarivoci’s art works are special.


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